How our pricing works

Simple and easy pricing

 Our pricing is simple and fair, its based on trailer volume. That means you will only pay for the space your junk takes up in our big trailers. Labor to load and disposal fees are included and we will sweep up any mess me make during the loading process. 

Please note: For foreclosure and and trash out services extra labor fees will be applied.

Don't have a lot of junk? No problem! We also offer single item pickups at affordable rates. No job is too small for us. Get a quote

 Our industry standard dump trailers hold approximately 13 cubic yards of general household junk, office junk, light construction debris, green waste and more. 

For comparison, a standard long bed pickup truck without side boards installed has the capacity of 2.5 cubic yards. That means it would take 5 plus trips to the dump in a pickup truck, our trailer will do that in one load. 

Save your back, save time, contact us today for all your junk removal and clean out needs. 


General Trailer Pricing

Minimum Charge $75-$99

1/4 Trailer Load $99-$125

1/2 Trailer Load $199-$225

3/4 Trailer Load $299-$325

Full Trailer Load $399-$425

Prices include:

  • One hour load time 
  • Travel time to and from location
  • Disposal fees

Hourly Labor:

 $60 Hour

Easy Payment Methods


Get 5% off when you pay with cash! Popular Choice!

That's right, if you decide to pay with cash you will automatically get a 5% cash discount. Don't worry, we will be happy to provide you an electronic receipt. 

Transfer your payment via PayPal

If you are a PayPal user you can even transfer your payment to us fast and easy.  We can provide the necessary info on site if you choose this method

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

We also accept most major credit cards. If you have a debit card with the Visa or Master Card logo, we take those as well. We do not charge any extra fees when paying with a credit card. 

We only accept business checks

At this time we normally will only accept a check from an established business. Personal checks are usually not accepted. 

Electronic invoicing

We are pleased to offer electronic invoices for our corporate clients.