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Bigger Trailer - Competitive Pricing

Volume based pricing

Our pricing is based upon how much of your junk fills our large dumpster trailer. Pricing starts at just $99 dollars and increases in price as the the trailer is filled. 

Fast Junk Hauling is a better value

Fast Junk Hauling, when compared to other licensed and insured junk removal companies offers competitive pricing,  free online estimates and 5 star service.  All disposal fees  and donation drop offs are included in the price. 

We want your business!

No job is too small or too big. So no matter if you have one item or lots of junk Fast Junk Hauling is the answer to all of your junk removal needs. 

Items we do not take

Fast Junk Hauling does not take any items that are considered hazardous waste. Items like paint, chemicals, liquids, tanks, propane or gasoline are not permitted. 

We also do not take concrete, rocks, dirt or water soaked materials. 

Prices Starting at $99

Easy Payment Methods


Get 5% off when you pay with cash! Popular Choice!

That's right, if you decide to pay with cash you will automatically get a 5% cash discount. Don't worry, we will be happy to provide you an electronic receipt. 

Transfer your payment via PayPal

If you are a PayPal user you can even transfer your payment to us fast and easy.  We can provide the necessary info on site if you choose this method

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

We also accept most major credit cards. If you have a debit card with the Visa or Master Card logo, we take those as well. We do not charge any extra fees when paying with a credit card. 

We only accept business checks

At this time we normally will only accept a check from an established business. Personal checks are usually not accepted. 

Electronic invoicing

We are pleased to offer electronic invoices for our corporate clients.