how we price our junk removal service

Volume Based Removal Pricing

Our volume pricing is an industry standard. You will only pay for the space your junk uses in our trailers or trucks. Price will increase the more the trailer or truck is filled. Prices start at only $75.  Single Item Pricing is available if you do not have a bulk junk pick up.

Whats Included in Price

Reasonable load time, disposal fees and donation drop offs are included in price and we will sweep up any mess we make during  the loading process. (larger time consuming jobs may be charged an additional labor fee on top of volume pricing)

We Do All The Work

We do all the lifting and loading on every job. All you have to do is tell us what what needs to go. After we are loaded we will transport all items to the proper disposal and donation facilities. Save your back, save time, call Fast Junk Hauling!

Easy Payment Methods


Get 5% off when you pay with cash! Popular Choice!

That's right, if you decide to pay with cash you will automatically get a 5% cash discount. Don't worry, we will be happy to provide you an electronic receipt. 

Transfer your payment via PayPal

If you are a PayPal user you can even transfer your payment to us fast and easy.  We can provide the necessary info on site if you choose this method

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

We also accept most major credit cards. If you have a debit card with the Visa or Master Card logo, we take those as well. We do not charge any extra fees when paying with a credit card. 

We only accept business checks

At this time we normally will only accept a check from an established business. Personal checks are usually not accepted. 

Electronic invoicing

We are pleased to offer electronic invoices for our corporate clients. 

Single Item Junk Removal

Refrigerator Removal $75

  • Refrigerator Removal $75
  • Freezer Removal $75
  • Built in or oversize units please call for price 530.777.5865

Washer / Dryer Removal $45ea

  • Washer or Dryer Removal $45
  • Washer & Dryer Combo $80

Couch Removal $99

  • Couch Removal $99
  • Hide -A- Bed  Removal $129
  • 2 piece sectional $119
  • 3/4 piece sectional $149

Mattress Removal $75

  • Mattress & Box Spring $75
  • Each additional Mattress or Box Spring removed during same visit $10

T.V. Removal $59

  • Standard T.V. Removal $59
  • Rear Projection Large T.V. $75
  • Each additional T.V. removed during same visit $10

BBQ Grill Removal $75

  • BBQ Grill Removal $75

Bulk Junk Removal

$75 up to $99


For items that fill less than 1/4 of trailer (less than 3 yards)

$99 up to $125


For items that fill 1/4 of trailer. (about 3 .5 yards)

$199 up to $225


For items that fill 1/2 the trailer (about 6 .5 yards)

$299 up to $325


For items that fill 3/4 of the trailer. (about 9.5 yards)

$399 up to $425


For items that fill the whole trailer (about 13 yards)

$299 up to $450


Hot Tub Removal

$299  Whole

$450 Cut Up