Single Item Pickups, Small Loads, Large Loads, We do it all!

General Junk Removal

Fast Junk will come to your home or business location and remove all your unwanted junk or clutter. Our Junk Removal Service is great for Furniture Removal, Appliance Removal, Mattress and Boxspring Removal, Sofa or Couch Removal, Outdated Office Supplies, Moving Leftovers, Garage Sale Leftovers, Household Junk, Garage Clean Out and more. 

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Debris Removal

Light Construction and Debris Removal

Did you just tear down a shed, deck or some other part of the house, and now have a pile of debris you need hauled away. Fast Junk can help! We can haul away all light non hazardous construction debris, Lumber, Sheetrock, Carpet, Plywood, Pallets, Roofing Materials and more.  

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Hot Tub and Spa Removal

Hot Tub Removal

Fast Junk Hauling regularly removes and disposes of Hot Tubs and Spas. We can even tear down the gazebo. Most Tubs can be turned on its side and brought out the trailer, other may need to be cut up in order to remove. All tubs must be drained and disconnected from the the power source before our arrival. 

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Green Waste Removal

Light Shrub and Green Waste Hauling

Did you just spend the weekend trimming your

Did you just spend the weekend trimming your property of overgrown or dead shrubs, plants, limbs and small trees, bushes and realize your pile is bigger than you can haul away yourself? We can help. We can haul away all your green waste in no time. We will even sweep up or rake any mess we make. 

Estate Clean Outs and more

REO - Eviction - Hoarder & Estate Clean outs

Fast Junk Specializes in many forms of estate clean outs. We can clean out the entire house of all its contents (no hazardous waste) no matter the situation. We  clean out each room, cabinets, closets, garages, sheds or anywhere else that has items to be removed. So if you need a whole house clean out for any situation, Fast Junk Hauling is the right choice. 

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Recycle and Donate

Responsible Hauling Service

We believe in responsible junk removal and hauling. Not only do we tarp each load to ensure nothing spills from our trailers we also put all your junk in its proper places. Not everything ends up in the landfill. We always make sure any recyclable items like appliances, metals, tires, mattresses, or large amounts of cardboard are sorted out and put in its proper places at the disposal facilities. We also regularly donate good working items, tools, clothes and toys to local hospice or other thrift stores.  recycling and donation drop off are included in your junk removal costs.